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    8. Just Blaze & Baauer ft. Jay Z - "Higher"

    Director: Nabil Elderkin

    Just Blaze and Baauer linking up on a track while we were living in a "Harlem Shake" world was crazy enough. Flipping the same samples from Just Blaze's instrumental for "U Don't Know" into a beefy trap cut was brilliant, and for a movement like this, which helped signify that Just Blaze was truly a part of the new dance music scene in America, it needed something big. How about a video that had fuck-all to do with Just Blaze and Baauer, but looks into the life of Kalaripayattu warriors, both big and small, training and preparing for life's battle. It's an intriguing look into their routines, and is one of those tales that no one was really checking for... but slaps you out of nowhere with it's beauty.—khal