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    1. Tyler, The Creator - "IFHY"

    Director: Wolf Haley/Tyler, The Creator

    Tyler, The Creator has very specific visions for the video accompaniments to his music. Under his alter ego, Wolf Haley, Tyler, The Creator took the lead on the video for "IFHY," enlisting producer Tara Razavi to help bring his ideas to life.

    The concept is fairly simple—a couple of waxy looking dolls, one of which is Tyler looking creepy as hell, in a doll-house, being manipulated by a hand. But, as with all Tyler videos, there's a look and feel to this video that is another fascinating look into the carnival-like mind of the OFWGKTA ringleader. Earlier this year, Tyler bashed the YouTube Music awards for not nominating "cool creative videos" and instead awarding artists who don't come up with their own shots or concepts. Watching videos like "IFHY," it's clear that not only does Tyler have creative control over his own art, but he's got the vision, imagination, and ability to bring his ideas to life.

    The YouTube Music Awards gave Best Video of the Year to Girls' Generation. We're gonna go ahead and give it to Tyler, The Creator.—Joyce