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    The decoy album drop

    Who should do it: Kanye West

    Kanye seemed to be really getting into the guerrilla marketing strategy for Yeezus, what with projecting his new songs onto buildings across the world, so now it's time for him to step things up and go rogue with the decoy strategy. First, a new album is announced, along with a release date and album art. Then, to really sell the decoy, some song snippets are leaked and producers and collaborators are named. But, weeks before the announced release date, out of nowhere, a totally different record is dropped.

    Kanye is already known for dropping albums with sounds that surprise and even alienate some of his fans (808s & Heartbreak and Yeezus being the most obvious examples), so teasing a record that returns to his 2000s era sound, and then dropping a record with three movements worth of Kanye screams over warped modern classical music performed by a children orchestra might well be the move.

    Wait, you know that new Kanye album Q-Tip and Rick Rubin are producing? Yeah, so maybe the double bluff strategy is already in full effect.