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    The YouTube live footage reveal

    Who should do it: Arcade Fire

    To stand at the back of a concert these days is to consign yourself to watching a sea of bright little camera phone screens, bobbing up and down, shakily held aloft by fans recording frantically, hoping to be the one to catch that rant or new song on camera. Some bands (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Savages) have been annoyed by this thoroughly modern trend, even going so far as to ban recording at their shows, but how about flipping the script and taking advantage of all the camera phones. Rather than releasing any singles or recorded music leading up to a new album release, the band would go on tour, announcing that they would play one new song each night and encourage fans to record and upload it to YouTube.

    As Arcade Fire debuted lots of new Reflektor material at live shows, they would be the perfect candidates for this strategy.