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    Conclusion: Beats Music is worth the price and, at the very least, worth a try.

    As a user of Spotify Premium since the day it launched in the United States, I've always been an advocate of digital streaming services. Aside from downloading mixtapes, my iTunes goes relatively untouched compared to the days when downloading music was a part of my daily routine. Suffice it say, digital streaming has been a mostly convenient progression in music distribution services for me, and I've been thankful for the ways in which the service has revamped the system in my favor.

    As I mentioned earlier, converting long-time users like myself will be no easy task, simply because it can be difficult to persuade consumers to try something new. However, having given it a try myself, I can honestly say that Beats Music is something I'm going to stay with for the next month, if only to see how my experience fares over the long run, instead of just one, short week. With all of the work that has been put into this project, the result is an app that rewards its user and has them coming back for more. While the catalog difficulties are frustrating, I suspect that they'll be addressed as the service grows in the next month. Really, it's the responsive, smart interface that makes me want to continue using Beats.

    More than anything, I've always wanted a way to pare down Spotify's extensive library on my phone, while still feeling like I was discovering new music regularly. It's a tricky line to navigate, but the Sentence function, and Beats' other filtering systems allow me to do it in a way that feels easy compared to the Browse and Discover features on Spotify's mobile app. Any service's search system is a crucial aspect to the user experience, and I'm finding that I enjoy Beats' built-in mechanics more than anything else I've dealt with in the past. Whether that will be the defining factor for everyone else remains to be seen, but it's at least certain that this app is worth a go for you.