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    Converting long-time users of Spotify and other services could be difficult

    As previously noted, Beats is clearly trying to make a play on untapped consumer markets with their service, and they'll need to make sure that comes through in spades, as it could be difficult to wrest users from the clutches of already-established names like Spotify, Rdio, and Pandora. In the early stages, it remains to be seen if Beats will be able to make a big enough stir to combat brand loyalty. Sure, celebs, brand names, and sleek design are going to be great for first-timers, but what about the people who already know what to expect out of a digital streaming service, and see no reason to switch over from their current platform? Beats will need to find a way to make their product even more enticing to the users who—whether stubborn, lazy, or unimpressed—want to stick with services like Spotify.