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    There are already so many Swedish singers making noise right now. Luckily, there is no such thing as too many Swedish singers. Plus, Adna is not your typical Swedish songstress. At the beginning of the year, the 19-year-old moved to Berlin, and when asked if Scandinavia has an impact on her sound, she says, "I'm not sure if it was present, before moving or now."

    It's an interesting response, because so much of the music coming from Sweden right now is catchy, upbeat pop—it's surprising given the frigid darkness associated with Scandinavia. Adna's music is not upbeat pop. Adna may not be directly influenced by the country where she was born, but her music sure does feel cold. With sparse string accompaniment, "Night" is dramatic and serious, and the marching "Dreamer" livens things up with drums but keeps that solemn tone, grounded despite Adna's airy, fluttering voice.

    Her debut album comes February 5 via Despotz Records.