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    In today's hip-hop culture, sometimes it's difficult to stand out. With nearly everyone jacking each other's flows and relying on the same producers, sometimes it can all become a bit jumbled and static. So when we happened upon New York rapper Leikeli47's new mixtape Lk-47 pt. II earlier this month, it was a refreshing surprise. For now, the details behind the identity and background of Leikeli47 are sparse. We know she's from somewhere in New York, this isn't her first mixtape and she's uploaded a few videos to YouTube, she's got a Tumblr, and favors the Odd Future aesthetic (ski masks and bandanas). The woman behind the disguise, though, that's anyone's guess. 

    But frankly, not knowing who Leikeli47 is has kept the conversation largely on her music—a rarity as we've come to see with most women rappers. With her multi-layered sound, Leikeli47 is at once a relentless lyricist with a gun aimed at the target on your head and fantasies of an all-girl gangsta squad ("Carolina got a razor," "Christina might tase ya"), as well as a controlled, silky vocalist. Her influences are across the board. This mixtape has tastes of New Orleans bounce, New York City boom-bap, dancehall, R&B, and punk rock all packed in a 36-minute collection of 15 tracks.

    Leikeli47 fits nicely between Tyler, The Creator and Azealia Banks and if she gains anymore mainstream exposure, either of the two would be an easy collaboration. Whether she keeps up her anonymity remains to be seen, but if she stays dropping solid tapes like this, we won't complain.