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    Lowell’s music is an energetic mish-mash of sounds. Rooted in bubbly pop but executed with a punk rock, mischievous edge, "Cloud 69" was an impressive introduction to the Toronto native's sound. Lowell listens to Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, LCD Soundsystem, and Animal Collective, but she grew up on the Spice Girls. “That probably explains the bubblegum on top,” she told us. “Pop is pretty amazing right now. We went through a bit of a rough phase recently, especially in radio, but it’s starting to pick back up and become more innovative. I can’t wait for next year because despite the shit press, everything pop is going to sound like Yeezus. Amen.”

    Lowell's debut EP, I Killed Sara V., is set to drop on February 25.