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    Katy B - "Crying For No Reason (Morri$ Remix)"

    Who said electronic music can't make you feel things? Katy B has made me feel all kinds of things over the last five years, but as of 2013 it was more despair —she showed some flashes of what made her the grime princess with the golden voice (to match her door knocker earrings), but at other times it looked like she was trying to get in on that EDM wave and go full pop... in a way I wasn't comfortable with. "Crying For No Reason" had me feeling that kind of way, but THANK YOU RAVE GOD for Morri$, who channeled all kinds of chilled vibes to elevate Katy's vocals to the next level. While Katy's future may seem confusing (and sometimes has me crying for no reason), I like when these glimpses of beauty shine through. - khal