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    Ella Eyre - "All About You"

    In the eight or so hours since I first heard "All About You," I've played it roughly 30 times. And, sure, it may be a bit premature to declare a song so fresh among the "best" of the week, but nothing else I've heard since last Thursday has matched it. Every so often an artist comes along and drops off a track with instant star quality attached to it, almost embedded in every facet of the song. We heard signs of that in Ella Eyre's first single "Love Me Like You" and with her newest offering "All About You," she transcends all preconceived expectations we had for the young Brit. Where "Love Me Like You" played up Ella's sound—husky voice tinged with neo-soul—"All About You" caters to her vocal range and ability to deliver a multidimensional radio-ready pop song. If in naming her the runner-up for their Sound of 2014 poll the BBC got it right, and they usually do, expect to see much more Ella Eyre this year. - Dee