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    Sign a Music Industry Veteran

    Around the time Diddy and Ma$e reunited at Drake’s OVO Fest, there were rumors that Ma$e might sign to the imprint. While the rumor has yet to yield any results, it does present a valid idea. Drake should court a music industry vet to give his imprint more legitimacy.

    Signing an artist currently lacking in relevance, like Ma$e, could be Drake’s chance to prove that he has the Midas touch. While not irrelevant, artists like Jeremih or Cassie could prove great acquisitions to the OVO roster. Both Jeremih and Cassie had strong starts in the industry, lost their footing along the way, and came back by capturing a new audience. Finding an artist that has already succumbed to the pitfalls of the industry, but came out of the situation wiser could mean big things for Drake and OVO.