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    50 Cent

    Non-music ventures: Vitamin Water; SMS Audio; Street King; acting career Approximate net worth: $125 million

    Applying the mentality that made him one of rap's most compelling hustlers to his business ventures, 50 Cent parlayed his meteoric rise and little-paralleled fame in the early 2000s into the lucrative deals that would largely put music in his rearview. Famously, 50 sold his stake in Vitamin Water in 2007, netting him a reported eight figures. In the time since cashing out on the now Coca Cola-owned company, 50 has gone on to found Street King energy drink and SMS Audio, a line of headphones. When not rapping or looking for new companies to expand his portfolio, 50 has also spent a solid chunk of the last decade acting in movies, including the autobiographical Get Rich Or Die Trying.