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    Swizz Beatz

    Non-music ventures: Creative director for Reebok Classic; artist and art collector; designer with Kidrobot; product management with Monster, Inc.; designer with Aston Martin Approximate Net Worth: $65 million

    Bronx-born Swizz Beatz moved to Atlanta in high school. When he got there, he began working for his uncles, who happened to be co-CEOs of the Ruff Ryders record label. A year after he started producing, he made the beat for DMX's classic "Ruff Ryders Anthem." He was 17 years old. At 19, he produced "Money, Cash, Hoes" for Jay Z. Swizz is now 35, and his résumé is so packed with achievements that it's almost cartoonish. He's an art collector and a painter, a designer, and he seems to be pretty open to just about any type of business. He was even listed as Megaupload's CEO at one point, although he has denied this since the legal troubles started. It's probably for the best—Swizz has enough on his plate. Just in 2013, he invested in Monster, Inc., became a member of the board, and is involved with "product management and marketing activities."