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    Rain is not something you can eat.

    Lyric: "And I smoke just to ease the pain, so hungry I used to try to eat the rain" Song: "Outroduction"

    I'm poor. I'm 25, horrible with managing my money and live in New York City, the odds are just not in my favor on this one. So I get it 2 Chainz. I get what it's like to not have food around you and you just smoked a bowl and you're starving and you're like, "If someone gives me Sriracha I swear to God I'll eat this plant. I swear to God I'll do it." But even I haven't tried to eat the damn rain 2 Chainz! Not only does that sound really unfulfilling, but it also makes no sense because you drink liquids, not eat them.

    But like I said...a plant on the other hand...fair game.