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    By Confusion, Constant Gardner, Gus Turner, and Christian Randell

    Let’s rewind to 2004. Facebook had just come into existence, TRL was still a thing, gas was $1.85 a gallon, Boston just remembered what it was like to win a World Series after 86 years, and the world was introduced to Janet Jackson’s right breast during the Super Bowl thanks to that sly dog Justin Timberlake. While there’s plenty of pop culture nostalgia to go around, the music of the year propelled some artists to mainstream stardom, others to cult favorites and other superstars just used it as another year to assert their dominance.

    Whether you liked rock, rap, or something entirely off the beaten path, 2004 had something for everyone and you won’t believe that some of the albums on this list are already ten years old. Here are the ten most influential albums turning ten this year.