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    10. "Devil's Haircut"

    Album: Odelay
    Year: 1996

    Has anything made more sense than Beck working with the Dust Brothers on an album? Probably not. There's something about that meeting of the minds on Odelay that played perfectly in the mid-to-late '90s music scene. That sampledelica vibe, meeting in the middle of hip-hop and rock, played to the best of both Beck and the Dust Brothers. "Devil's Haircut" was a perfect example of that; you get Beck's twisted, almost nonsensical lyrics flowing over a throwback, breakbeat-heavy groove that suddenly dives into uncharted waters for no real reason. Not that there's any real reason to anything going on throughout the LP, but something clicked with "Devil's Haircut," where much of the album felt like beautiful experiments. This one's zany enough to work... and it does.