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    17. "Sexx Laws"

    Album: Midnite Vultures Year: 1999

    Announcing Midnite Vultures with some big brass, and Beck in his funkiest form, "Sexx Laws" trips in that same psychedelic territory as Of Montreal, keying off '60s psychedelica and '70s soul to create a total acid trip of a song. It's bold and beautiful, unafraid to get in your face right from the beginning. For anyone who felt like Sea Change was a downer, "Sexx Laws" was a wink and a nod from Beck to let his fans know that he wasn't too dragged down by depression to make something fun again. Some have argued that Midnite Vultures feels like a parody of the genres that it borrows from, but the energy that "Sexx Laws" brings to the table is too real to disregard.