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    18. "Girl"

    Album: Guero Year: 2005

    "Girl" is one of Beck's most popular, well-known songs. The video, created by Motion Theory, and referencing Al Jaffee's Mad Magazine fold-ins, got considreable MTV play (back when that still mattered), and many people enjoyed the laid-back strumming and jaunty chorus of what sounds like "my sun-eyed girl."

    But, as with much of Beck's work, "Girl" is a much more complex song than it first appears to be, with the verses full of images of death and murder. For example:

    And I know I'm gonna steal her eye / She doesn't even know what's wrong / And I know I'm gonna make her die / Take her where her soul belongs.

    Multi-faceted and rewarding to those who spend a bit more time with it, "Girl," is an apt summary of Beck's whole body of work.