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    19. "Strange Apparition"

    Album: The Information Year: 2006

    With an assist from Nigel Godrich, Beck returned to his roots on The Information, and the copy and paste attitude that defined much of his early aesthetic once again found a place in his repertoire with "Strange Apparition." But Godrich's meticulous attention to detail removes the lo-fi grit that typified his slacker grind and replaces it with a seamless blend between the song's countless parts. If not for Beck's unshakeable cool, this melodic change could've made the singer stiff but, as always, he just lets everything flow around him, coming to the background and foreground of the track as he chooses.

    As such, "Strange Apparition" is a skilled variation on Beck's trademark sound, never coming off as a desperate imitation or misguided blast from the past.