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    3. "E-Pro"

    Album: Guero Year: 2005

    Distorted riffs, slacker melodies, hard-hitting drums, a high-flying chorus, and a Beastie Boys sample (“So Whatcha Want”)—these are the ingredients to “E-Pro.” It doesn’t sound out of character for Beck, but it was surprising when he released this as the first single from his 2005 album Guero. It was a huge departure from the atmospheric, expansive sounds of 2002’s Sea Change, but it makes sense.

    During the making of Sea Change, Beck was dealing with a break-up. During the making of Guero, he was getting married, having a child, and it felt like he was having fun again. “E-Pro” may not have the depth and maturity of Beck’s most critically acclaimed work, but it’s Beck doing what Beck does best, and it paid off. The song hit No.1 on Modern Rock radio, the first time a Beck song had done that since 1994’s “Loser.”