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    By Gus Turner, Constant Gardner, & Confusion

    Beck has had an amazing career. Of that there can be no doubt.

    After time spent in New York involved in the anti-folk movement at the end of the '80s, Beck moved back to his hometown of LA, where, in 1993, he would record his surprising breakthrough single "Loser." In typical Beck fashion, the song was recorded on a whim, spontaneously. "It was accidental, but it was something that I'd been working toward for a long time," he said in 1999. But who could imagine that the man behind that psych-folk-hop slacker anthem would go on to make over ten more albums, each of which is packed full of numerous ideas and powered along by a seemingly boundless creative energy.

    Beck is a consumate musical chameleon, and, after 2008's Modern Guilt which mixed generally upbeat production with incredibly dark, paranoid lyrical content, he has changed course again with his twelfth studio album, Morning Phase. It comes out tomorrow (February 25), and although it is pegged as a follow-up of sorts to 2002's breakup album Sea Change, it sees Beck's voice inhabiting a world of lush string arrangements and warm textures, working his way stoically through heartbreak, accepting that it's not the end, but is just leading towards another new beginning.

    In anticipation of Beck's first studio album for six years, we looked back through his stacked back catalog at the 20 Best Beck songs.