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    SOHN - "Artifice"

    Over the last two years, we've watched SOHN develop into the kind of producer with sharp instincts for collaborating with artists just beginning to hone in on their artistry. You'd almost call him a muse for many of these musicians, bringing out the best in singers like Kwabs, BANKS, and Erik Hassle. But tacking on the title "producer" and likening him only to those he's worked with shortchanges his versatility. In the past, we've heard his solo work in songs like "The Wheel" and "Oscillate" and have seen a noticeable maturation in his voice as he's grown into a celestial, electro-pop sound.

    With "Artifice," the first idea of what's to come from his debut album Tremors, we're truly starting to witness the full scope of his talents. It's a song that feels larger than anything else he's done with gliding instrumentation and glittering synths. When SOHN premiered it on Zane Lowe's radio show, he described its aesthetic as opening up a window for some fresh air. Breathe it in.—Dee