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    Kidnap Kid - "Stronger"

    A couple of months back, I had a convo with a couple of Pigeons about the idea of dance music sets taking you on journeys. To keep it 100, it's one of those terms that I've always understood, but never put into words (ironic, as MY FUCKING JOB IS TO PUT THINGS INTO WORDS). If you look at a DJ set, think of it as a good book: good books should take you somewhere, meaning there should be a beginning, middle, some kind of climax, then an end. A DJ should structure sets like that, and depending on the time they're out there DJing, you can't just have a set full of climaxes. The esoteric shit is "well, what tunes would be the climax? How do you know you're not building a mix full of climaxes?"

    That's not a discussion for today. I bring all of that up, though, to say that this new tune from Kidnap Kid, "Stronger," reminds me of a good DJ set. It has a certain build to it that mimics the bell curve that quality DJ sets pattern themselves after. Maybe it's the dub-wise echo chamber shit. Maybe it's the random snippets of rain storms. I don't fucking know. What I do know is that this tune is hypnotic and moving, keeping you in a round and making you FEEL before releasing you. And I might sound like I'm on Es but I swear I've not touched them shits. I'm "stronger" than that. (See what I did there? Tied all of that shit up to the track in the end. So proud of myself.)—khal