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    Shura - "Touch"

    There was a time many, many years ago when pop music was able to have both an infectious beat as well as relatable lyrics. Today, though, it seems that more and more the songs you hear favor heavy, hook-driven production over having a message that actually speaks to the listener. I mean, I joke about 2 Chainz not getting things, but have you really listened to modern pop song lyrics? Britney Spears actually has the lyrics "And while I wait I put on my perfume, yeah, I want it all over you, I'm gonna mark my territory" in one of her new songs. What the fuck?

    With this in mind, someone like Shura is a breath of the most refreshing air. Her debut, "Touch," blends influences of '80s-tinged R&B with modern touches, like lush synths and smooth percussion. Most impressive though is the song's message, packing an emotional punch as striking as the production itself.—Katie K.