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    Miguel - "Simplethings"

    Miguel’s always been on some other shit. Just listen to "My Piece" off his debut. He's crossed over into the mainstream, but he did it at the exact right time. These days, mixing experimental sounds with accessible songwriting is rewarded. Compared to most of the truly "alternative" artists, Miguel is more fit for the masses, but he's a master of creating hits that aren't bland or watered down. His latest song, a contribution to the Girls soundtrack, is no different. At 35 seconds in, you feel the track building up, but right when you think it's about to break out with some big chorus, Miguel takes things into much smoother territory.

    In our interview with him last year, Miguel spoke on this: "The redundancy of repetition and the same fucking sounds, the same topics, the same bullshit soulless R&B is over. I’m tired of it. I think most people are tired of it. I think that’s why this alternative sound—it’s not one sound, but it’s all alternative. It’s not what’s expected from the passive R&B listener. I think that’s why it’s appealing."