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    By Confusion & S. Ajay Ram

    Florida is a weird state. It just is. Every time you hear a story about a naked man biting people's faces off or driving through a neighborhood with a decapitated body hanging out of the passenger window, you can safely bet that it happened in Florida. There's even a Twitter account dedicated to it. But hey, at least things in Florida area always interesting.

    There are swamps, drugs, beaches, retirement communities, prostitutes, clubs, farms, and strip malls, sometimes all within walking distance, and it makes for an interesting environment. As you can imagine, the music that comes from this place also has a very particular vibe. While Florida's rock scene may be a few years behind the times, there have always been interesting things happening in the hip-hop world. Local scenes bubble up in Tampa and Miami in cycles, and every few years you get some major breakout hits. But a lot of the time, those hits stay in Florida. They dominate the clubs and local radio stations, but outside the state, a lot of people never get to hear them. You might be familiar with a few of these, but here are 17 great Florida rap songs that you probably don't know.