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    Hugo sounds like Woodkid. It's a simple comparison, based not just on the fact that they share a similar French-speakers accent, but also the tone and timbre of their voices and their propensity for pounding, stadium appropriate drums underpinning their music. Hugo is not Woodkid, but his debut EP has the sort of anguished songwriting and immersive production that suggests he has the tools to do something special.

    I am not Hugo. We all are. Hugo is the reflection of the desired present. The person you want to be. The inner self that is too scared to come to the surface. The utopia society says doesn’t exist. We come together through music, through fashion and through the magical world of art. Hugo’s goal is to offer a shelter of individuality, rebellion and freedom. Hugo’s purpose is to achieve a blank unity where every being can be themselves and live a positive, inspiring and fulfilling life. I am not Hugo. We all are.