Growing up as a celebrity kid has got to be weird. By the time you are just a small being in your mother’s stomach, you are already more famous than most adults will ever be. After that, life is filled with magazine covers, paparazzi, swanky parties, luxurious possessions, and fellow famous friends. Face it, life is probably never going to be “normal” for you. Some celebrity children take advantage of this, turning a career in fashion, acting, singing or modeling out of it. Others seem to get swallowed by the abnormality of their reality and as a result, use their bizarre situation to, well, act bizarrely without any real consequences. I mean, would we really have let Chet Haze near a recording studio if he wasn’t Tom Hanks son?

Chet’s not alone though. Because standing right beside him in the world of “WTF is going on,” is Jaden Smith. Smith was so close to just being normal. With a charming role alongside Dad in The Pursuit of Happyness and a breakout role in The Karate Kid, it looked like Jaden was going to land comfortably into a nice acting career. But somewhere, something went awry and we’re instead left with this Jaden Smith, who’s responsible for some of the most peculiar tweets I’ve ever encountered—and I follow Cher. His posts read like a desperate attempt to appear deep and intellectual but, like most teenagers do, he tries too hard and ends up sounding a lot like a philosophical stoner.

So much so, that I actually found a philosophical stoner twitter account (because it’s 2014 and you can find a twitter account for anything) and I could not tell the difference between their tweets. So we’ve decided to open up the game to you guys. Who tweeted the below statements, Jaden Smith or The Philosophical Stoner? Answers are at the bottom but even if you win, you don’t really win. Jaden wins, because when your dad is The Fresh Prince and your mom dated 2Pac, you never fucking lose. Never.


1. Once you understand how this world works living in it becomes much easier.


2. A puppet is free as long as he loves his strings


3. Water in the eyes and alcohol in the eyes are pretty much the same I know this from first hand experience.


4. Like I can’t take life right now


5. The loss of social civility means that social feeling has been replaced by defensiveness.


6. Family is those who I am loyal to, and those who are loyal at me.


7. There is no limit to how good you can get in pursuit of perfection.


8. If a book store never runs out of a certain book, does that mean that nobody reads it, or everybody reads it


9. A kiss on the cheek sometimes mean more than a kiss on the lips


10. Pay attention to the numbers in your life they are vastly important.


11. There seem to be a million things with a few perspectives, and million perspectives on a few things.


12. Trees are never sad look at them every once in a while. They’re quite beautiful.


13. The more intelligent somebody becomes the more I fall in love with them.


14. Want someone to cuddle on the couch with while stroking my hair watching a good movie.


15. All the rules in this world were made by someone no smarter than you. So make your own.


16. People think a relationShip makes you whole, that it’s two 50%’s coming together to make 100% when it should be two 100%’s making 200%


17. Only people that make a difference are those crazy enough to try.


18. Don’t get why people are so blind to not see the destruction of our humanity.


19. It’s reward enough just knowing that you made the right decision.


20. If newborn babies could speak they would be the most intelligent beings on planet Earth.

01. Jaden
02. Stoner
03. Jaden
04. Jaden
05. Stoner
06. Stoner
07. Stoner
08. Jaden
09. Jaden
10. Jaden
11. Stoner
12. Jaden
13. Jaden
14. Stoner
15. Jaden
16. Jaden
17. Stoner
18. Stoner
19. Stoner
20. Jaden