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    SXSW isn't about the little guys any more.

    Kanye West and Jay Z.

    Lady Gaga.

    Pusha T and Cam'ron.

    St. Vincent and Damon Albarn.

    Future, Four Tet, DJ Mustard.

    These are just some of the shows that got people talking and had SXSW really buzzing. That is not to say that there isn't a huge amount of small artists playing at tiny venues, but it's hard to feel like the festival is really focussed on the small artists when you're walking past a giant wall covered in Doritos.

    Is this a bad thing, or a good thing? Probably a mix of both, because as much as the small venues and rising artists lose a bit of visibility, the mixture of massive names with no-names makes for some wonderful contrasts.