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    You think you're going to see 7 shows, but once you get into one you end up staying all day.

    This year was our first time at SXSW, and there are lots of things we are still slowly learning.

    Before we arrived, we were looking at all the artists playing and showcases going on, and planning how we could go to every single one of the 120 shows that looked hot. Routes from venue to venue were planned lists of artists were written, and a plan of attack was made. The reality was much different.

    After queueing for a bit you get into a nice spot with tables sitting out in the sun, good music playing, and a few different rooms to explore. Wait what, and there's a free bar up in this joint? I think we're going to be staying here for a while. And then a while turns into five rounds of drinks and it's suddenly the end of the day.

    You may not have seen all the bands you wanted, but you had a good time, and didn't spend all day rushing around, trying to jump queues, and invariably getting screwed over by changing set times, so it's all good.