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    On the third weekend of April of every year comes the day that all music loving record collectors should be especially excited about. This Saturday, April 19, 2014, is the seventh annual Record Store Day. Each year exclusive vinyl comes out specifically for this occasion. Many of the releases have a very limited supply which makes each find not only exciting but also a rare collectible. This year there are lots of anniversary edition albums being released for fans, from legendary artists like Outkast, Jimi Hendrix, and Nirvana.

    Now don’t just try your luck without any previous planning. With such limited supply of everything, you need to have a proper strategy in place. Have no fear, we’ve put together a list of some of the releases that you need to be on the lookout for. Be sure to check out the official Record Store Day website for the full list of releases, though, and be aware that some releases are regional only. If you're really set on a certain record, be sure to phone your local store to see if they are actually going to stock it.

    Oh, and remember: every day that your local store is open is its own little Record Store Day, so don't make it a one off visit.