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    On auditioning for Degrassi... after smoking weed for the first time:

    "That was the first audition I went on, and it was like a real pivotal day of my life... but it was also the day that I got accepted by these real cool Jewish kids at school. They were finally like, ‘Yo, come over. And I had this really tug-of-war moment where I actually did something I probably shouldn’t have done, that starts with a 'w 'and ends with 'eed.' I started really getting paranoid. I thought I’d just completely ruined my whole life. I was splashing water on my face constantly, it was like a Clearasil commercial. I showed up to the audition and got just a little less paranoid, and went in and did what I could. And just was like devastated, and couldn’t tell my mom, but I ended up getting the call back and getting the role."