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    Killer Mike & El-P

    What makes two veterans come together to make an album? Often, it's a passion project, because they're both running out of money, or their name on its own is not enough to generate excitement. Killer Mike and El-P's collaborative Run The Jewels project is none of those, and sees to rappers each already experiencing a resurgence in their own right realizing they just do awesome work together.

    Killer Mike's R.A.P. Music album was a warning of what was to come. Produced entirely by El-P, the album saw Mike doing what he does best—powerful, political, bullshit-free rap, but when the duo combine as Run The Jewels and El-P's dense lyricism and industrial beats are partnered with Killer Mike's stomping flow, they're unstoppable.

    And we couldn't be more happy to see these two artists' continuing success.