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    By Charles Holmes

    There is a gift and a curse to the art of a rap show. When a festival’s lineup is packed with rock bands and EDM artists, a rapper can represent a reprieve from the norm by just existing. Hip-hop by design is an inclusionary genre. At the core all a rapper needs is a microphone and a beat to rock the crowd.

    Unfortunately, not all rap shows are created equal. For every monumental show like Kanye’s Yeezus Tour, which moved mountains (both literally and figuratively), there are thousands of rappers that are content to stroll on stage listlessly moving through their set in pursuit of a check. It’s a heartbreaking realization seeing your favorite rapper going through the motions on stage, when you’ve just spent a hefty amount of your paycheck to see them live.

    With the unbearable winter weather behind us, festival season is right around the corner. In sad acceptance of the fact that you will almost definitely experience some of these over the coming months, these are the 15 Most Annoying Things You’ll See at a Rap Show.