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    Bad backing bands

    Not everyone can be like the legendary Roots crew. The Roots represent the tightest live instrumentation that hip-hop has ever seen. So that’s why it becomes annoying when other artists don’t take a page out of their playbook and at least try and get on their level. Or, just accept that trying to incorporate a band into a hip-hop show is a tough sell. Even the most experienced bands cannot emulate all of the studio wonders of a hip-hop track, so if your music wasn’t made with a band in mind, don’t try to shoehorn one in after the fact.

    Some artists like Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa have found ways to have a live band that adds to the show, instead of detracting from it. Rappers like Childish Gambino go as far as hiring a band director to take responsibility over the live instrumental component of the show. A good band separates a rapper from the pack demonstrating an artist’s consummate skill as an overall entertainer. A bad band can eviscerate your biggest hits and leave fans scratching their heads.