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    Bad openers

    A bad opener is like musical blue balls. The purpose of an opener is to build excitement for the ensuing debauchery of the night. Instead, a bad opening act kills your pre-show buzz and makes the wait for the scheduled performer even more unbearable. It’s now become commonplace to wade through an onslaught of struggle rappers playing Hunger Games to a disinterested audience who’d rather see them die then waste more time. Most of these rappers are local upstarts that have no business gracing the stage of a national tour, while the other half are often the rapper’s less talented crewmates.

    A good opener plays a balancing act between getting you excited for not only their music, but also the headliners. They act as aesthetic companion to the artist with top billing. A stellar opener adds to the show, warming up the crowd, instead of pimping their own artistic output. So rappers stop trying to put your crew on and get openers that strengthen your brand and live performance, instead of hurting it.

    If only all lineups could be like this: