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    Pausing between every song for drug breaks

    Drugs and hip-hop have a long history. Some of the genre’s best music was made under the influence. Rappers like Lil Wayne created his best material in a perpetual drug haze. Unfortunately, drugs have also affected numerous artist's careers and, in the worst circumstances, taken away the greats too soon. Drugs are like the steroids of music, they provide artists with ungodly ability, but ultimately destroy them in irreparable ways. That is why it’s disconcerting seeing how prevalent drug breaks have become at hip-hop shows.

    During a concert it's common to see a rapper’s weed carrier waiting in the wing with a blunt on deck. Styrofoam cups have also become synonymous with performances, as rappers sip lean religiously through their set. While ingesting substances during a set is an artist’s prerogative—and has become an integral part of some rapper's image, shout out to Wiz—it can dampen the energy of the show.

    If you can’t go a song without pausing to take a hit or sip from your cup, then you might have a problem.