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    Rappers rapping every other line

    In the past few years a new habit has become popular for up and coming artists—rapping every other line of their songs. This can be attributed to the fact that many rappers, especially the ones that make club music, never actually have to grind in front of a skeptical audience, like bands and singer-songwriters that trudge through the bar scene.

    Rappers like Migos and Young Thug do club appearances where they get paid inordinate amounts of money to show up, drink, shake hands, and occasionally perform their most popular song. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Songs like “Versace” and “Danny Glover” are great to party too, and when you’re in a club you really don’t care how precise a rapper’s enunciation skills are. Unfortunately, when a rapper transitions out of club appearances to a fully fledged tour they take the bad habits—rapping only the end of a phrase, skipping entire lines, and basically stalling until the hook comes in—with them.