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    Rappers showing up late to their own show

    If there is one thing most rappers don’t understand it’s the importance of punctuality. When rappers perform, they are providing a service. So, unsurprisingly, showing up late to your show comes off as unprofessional and puts a bad taste in fans’ mouths. Sure, it happens at concerts across all genres (although, very rarely when it's dance music), but the likelihood of your favorite rapper turning up late is pretty high.

    After waiting in line for hours, being shoved constantly, and having to hold your bladder for what seems like an eternity, no one wants to have to wait even longer until you decide to stroll on stage. Then after you decide to grace us with your presence you don’t even acknowledge the fact that you were late. Rappers always detail how important the relationship with their fans is, but when you make them wait an eternity for you to perform, it doesn’t show any level of respect.