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    The crowd keeping their hands up

    As a concept there is nothing inherently wrong with a rapper telling you to put up your hands. It’s a classic form of crowd participation. The problem that arises when you put up your hands, is that you never really know when to put them down. As Kanye famously said on “Get Em High,” “I aint never tell you to put down your hands,” which puts the onus on the crowd to clumsily decide when you no longer need our hands.

    Watching people struggle with this task is like watch aimless toddlers wait with bated breath for their parents’ next command. It would be awesome if rappers came up with a system to let fans know, “Hey put your hands up!” and after a few obligatory seconds, “Alright thanks so much for the support! I know your hands are getting tired, and I know none of you can really see anything any more, so put them down.”