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    The unprofessional DJ

    It’s hard to find good help, and this cliché extends to DJs. Being a DJ for a live performance is an art. The hip-hop DJ has several roles. Besides, playing the records, a good DJ makes the show run seamlessly, transitioning between songs with an effortless flow and hyping up the crowd without overshadowing the rapper. Being a DJ is a selfless job, because you generally work just as hard as the artist and only obtain half the credit. Maybe after the show you’ll get groupie run-off, but mostly you get stuck packing up your equipment while annoying fans throw you their mixtapes.

    Perhaps this explains why most hip-hop DJs are infuriatingly irritating. Between screaming cliché DJ blather like, “This is an exclusive, new shit!" or "Are you excited to see [insert rapper that we are obviously excited to see because we're at their show],” and dropping mandatory gun shot and airhorn sounds, most hip-hop DJs don’t adhere to the statement less is more.

    So rappers please learn how to tone down your DJs. If we wanted to see the DJ perform, we’d go to an EDM show. *AIRHORN*