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    The set list

    Constructing a compelling set list is a rare feat that many rappers never truly grasp. Just like the tracklist of an album, a good set list takes the listener on a musical journey with highs and lows. A set list should keep the momentum of the show moving, giving the crowd ample time to turn up with intermittent breaks for people to catch a breath.

    A set list should not be cobbled together 15 minutes before you hit the stage. Fans can tell. Every venue and city is different, therefore you should construct your set list to reflect that. If you’re in an intimate space, reward the crowd with fan-favorites, new material, and lesser known tracks. If you’re performing for thousands come out to your most triumphant song first, take the crowd down with the next few tracks then start to drop hit after hit so fans can stand in wonder at your illustrious discography. A live performance isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. So don’t gun it out the gate with your best stuff… let your fans feel like they’ve earned your biggest hits.