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    The singing

    Rappers handling their own singing has become increasingly popular in the last five years. With the release of Kanye’s divisive 808s and Heartbreak, it seems like every rapper with a penchant for melody and access to autotune has tried to unleash their inner R&B goddess. While this has pushed the creative bounds of the genre forward, it has also revealed hip-hop’s fatal flaw: most rappers can’t sing live. So when a rapper builds their whole career on the back of autotune (e.g. Future) it can become painful to hear them try to duplicate their studio magic in a live format.

    If you’re a rapper who can sing in the studio, but not live than think about getting a vocal coach. Rappers like Drake have vastly improved their live performance by practicing with professionals. If not then at least hire backup singers who can do the heavy lifting or be a Kanye and find a way to use autotune in a live setting.