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    Black Kids

    When they peaked: With their debut EP in 2007

    Without even an EP to their name, Black Kids were receiving coverage from major music outlets like NME and Vice in summer of 2007, mainly off the back of some great live performances. Shortly after, they released the four-track Wizard of Ahhhs EP, which gained them even more exposure, and featured the danceable, catchy, synth-led indie of "Hit The Heartbrakes," "I'm Not Gonna Teach..." and "Hurricane Jane," three songs which would form the backbone of their 2008 debut album Partie Traumatic.

    Although it's been nearly five years since that release, the band toured in August of 2013 and made it clear on radio, Twitter, and Facebook that they are still together, and that a second album is in the works. Fans of this Florida band shouldn't give up hope of new music quite yet.

    Many of you have inquired about whether or not we were, er, dead. And we're totally not. We just took some time to ourselves to load up on college degrees, procreate, and work on other things. We've been working on new music and hope to release album deux ASAP.