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    Damien Rice

    When he peaked: With his 2002 debut albumĀ O

    This one breaks my heart. Damien Rice sent shivers down my spine in high school, seemingly bursting into the spotlight of everyone's musical lives in the early 2000s with his debut album, O. An strong follow-up album, 9, secured his place in the hearts of anyone who wanted to hear a good indie singer/songwriter, and performing live with Lisa Hannigan, who is now a singer/songwriter in her own right, makes it all the better in retrospect. So what happened? Hard to say. Lisa quit; it was apparently an on-again-off-again relatonship, to which he "would give away all the music success, all the songs, and the whole experience to still have Lisa in [his] life."

    He hasn't toured America in a long time, and hasn't released a studio album since 2006, nor a live album since 2007, but he still plays occasional shows on the other side of the pond. Maybe he's lost creatively without Lisa, or maybe he's happy with his financial pull. Now 40 years old, the world would still eat up any new songs from Rice. He told South Korea he was working on an album last year, but there's yet to be official word on the man whose music has aged like fine wine.