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    The Blow

    When they peaked: With Paper Television in 2006

    The Blow started recording a new album in 2011, which is, according to Wikipedia, about "someone who is quasi-lesbian and might have gone off the rails." The album was apparently finished in 2012 but The Blow hasn't released an album since 2007, when Jona Bechtolt (of Yacht) left the group, leaving it as just Khaela Maricich and visual collaborator Melissa Dyne, who is Khaela's partner. While we haven't heard much new music, the duo has been putting in a lot of work on their live show. "We are working together on the live performance," Khaela explains. "[Melissa] is treating the venue each night as one would treat an installation, working with lighting and sound to manipulate the environment and to kind of play with the possibilities of whatever space we are performing in."

    UPDATE: The Blow released an album toward the end of 2013, although it went mostly under the radar. Wikipedia hasn't deemed it worthy of its own page.

    (Oregon Music News)