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    The Bravery

    When they peaked: With the release of their self-titled debut album in 2005 and lead single "An Honest Mistake"

    I despised The Bravery when they came out. They dressed all sad but wrote some fairly happy sounding tunes, they played up their indie spirits but were hard to escape, they were heralded for their New Wave influences but I didn't hear any. Fast forward a few years without a peep on their front, and I miss The Bravery.

    Prominently taking over blogs, the radio, and the world with songs like "Believe," "Time Won't Let Me Go," and "An Honest Mistake" these goth-looking-but-not-goth rockers wrote loveable tunes about topics light and heavy. But they faded from the scene after they simply stopped making music and touring. Though not on formal hiatus, drummer (and Berklee graduate) Anthony Burulcich has found gigs playing with Morissey and Weezer. It might be a while before we see them again, if ever, and that's too bad.

    Once you listen to their music at a rate acceptable for human ears, they were actually pretty damn good.