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    The Rural Alberta Advantage

    When they peaked: Getting signed to Saddle Creek in 2009

    One of Canada's finest imports this side of Rush, The Rural Alberta Advantage are an indie rock band that shot out of nowhere, with two strong albums, but then slowed down. Their debut album was an honorable mention for Albums of the Year on Pitchfork in 2009. Their follow-up earned them a spot at Coachella in 2011. It's three years later, and they're only starting to record a third full length now.

    Their meaningful songwriting over disjointed beats with catchy choruses made for a memorable mix that could likely still make it today, but it's tough to bank on anything when the cobwebs are forming on tour itineraries and most people have forgotten the band even exists. Hopefully, The Rural Alberta Advantage will make their way out of rural Alberta sometime soon. The songs are just too catchy for things to not work out if they get back at it.