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    The Temper Trap

    When they peaked: Sometime between "Sweet Disposition" in 500 Days of Summer, "Sweet Disposition" in a Diet Coke ad, and "Sweet Disposition" in a Chrysler ad.

    You remember that one song? You know, that one inescapable song that is way overplayed for about a summer, and then no one cares about it because the artist failed to stay relevant or produced anything anywhere near as good?

    In 2009, that song was "Sweet Disposition." While the album it came from, Conditions, was solid, the song overshadowed everything else on it. The band's sophomore album produced nothing even close to that level of songwriting. Ultimately, the Glassnote Records veterans showed just how important it is to wait a few years into your career before writing a song that you literally cannot escape if you own a television, radio, or internet connection.

    The band is still around, and maybe they'll write something to top "Sweet Disposition" and enable a second act full of relevance and romance and yada yada yada. Most likely, they'll be the indie rock one hit wonders of the late 2000s.